A Bike Trip to Austria

“Und wenn sie nicht gestorben sind dann leben sie noch heute.” In the literal sense this quote perfectly describes my most recent adventure today.

Yesterday around 8pm, after finishing my 30-page internship report and going a day and a half without sleep, I decided to bike to Austria from Germany. The bike was an old clunky steel bike from the 80s that was given to me for free. In fact, it could be heard from miles away, due to the rattling noise of the wheels and fenders. It was completely dark and all I had was a head lamp. That was also one of the scariest experience on this trip. Then, halfway through the trip it started to rain.

As soon as I arrived in Austria it was pouring and I was completely soaked and was shivering from the cold. Nevertheless, as soon as I got myself Döner (similar to kebab), I knew at that point that everything was going to be alright. For hours I wandered the streets in search of a place to sleep for the night. Luckily I found one close to a trail that leads up the mountain.

After a hearty breakfast (today), I decided to hike up one of the peaks in the area. Having little time left before I had to get back to Friedrichshafen, I made an attempt to summit to the top as fast as possible. The hike up took about an hour and from there I could see the entire Bodensee as well all the other Austrian Alps!

Realizing that I have to close my bank account in Germany by 4pm, I proceeded to RUN down the mountain, leaped onto my bike and furiously sprinted back to Germany.
On the way I  had a little bit of time to make a small detour to the beautiful island of Lindau.

It’s hard to believe that my time in Germany is about to be over. Had I known how awesome this internship was, I would’ve had done a 6 month long internship. My flight leaves Berlin tomorrow. In the meantime I still have to figure out how to get to the other side of the country. Indeed, I have ended my summer with a bang….

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