Puccini’s Turandot Opera in Bregenz, Austria

Nessun Dorma is a actually one of my favorite aria from Puccini. The trip to Bregenz was actually a spontaneous one, where upon arriving home from a row on the lake, a friend called and asked if I wanted to attend the Opera. I said yes right away had ten minutes to get ready. Because of this spontaneous decision to go on this trip, I grew closer to my friends and made new ones as well. The performance was of course in Italian but there were German subtitles on the side. When Nessun Dorma was performed at the end of Turandot, I was really moved by the song because this time around, I understood the meaning behind it through the context of the story and was touched by the myriads of emotion within the music. The best way to describe such feeling would be…. Vincerò! Vincerò! Vincerò!


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